Key Points From Livestream With Crypterium CPO

Missed our livestream session with CPO Andrey Abramov? No worries. We have your back. You can now re-watch the entire video or find the key points of our conversation below.

Missed our livestream session with CPO Andrey Abramov? No worries. We have your back. You can now re-watch the entire video or find the key points of our conversation below.

Binance Chain Integration

The integration of the CRPT token to Binance Chain is the first step in a long line of potential collaborations with the exchange. In fact, we’ve already submitted our listing proposal for Binance DEX — the fastest and easiest-to-use decentralized exchange platform. 

If you have one minute, please go ahead and vote for Crypterium on the Binance Chain forum. Make no mistake, your vote really counts. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it:

Our decision to list CRPT on Binance DEX is aligned with one of our core values: freedom. Decentralized exchanges allow you to trade peer to peer, without intermediaries meddling on your financial operations. This move also represents a great opportunity to increase visibility for Crypterium products to a wide audience of traders. Every  month, Binance chooses a project from Binance DEX to get listed on their main centralized exchange. And with your ongoing support, we certainly strike a chance.

To start trading on Binance DEX, you will have to swap your ERC-20 CRPT tokens. You’ll be able to swap with a 1:1 exchange rate in just a couple of minutes. The swap website will be up and running in a few days.

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MLP Starts On August

Our long-awaited Monthly Loyalty Program (MLP) will start on August 1, 2019. You’ll get your first reward on that same day. The reward’s size depends on two factors:

  • The amount of tokens you hold in your wallet
  • Transaction volume inside your loyalty group

A detailed explanation on how the MLP program works will be included in a new section dedicated to our CRPT token in the main dashboard of the Crypterium App.

That section will also include information concerning the CRPT token burning process. Earlier this week, we turned 100,000 CRPT into ashes. Those tokens were deduced from all crypto-fiat transactions processed since the Crypterium App went live a year ago.

We’ve recently launched key crypto-fiat features such as Buy Crypto, Cash Out and Crypterium Card Top Ups, which will help escalate the burning process even further in the near future.

Ad Campaigns In Place

Crypterium is now advertising across different social media platforms and search engines in order to speed up user acquisition efforts. This week we’ve registered a record number of registrations and active users, and we intend to keep up with the current growth pace.

Next: New Languages, Express Delivery, Web Version

Unlike other solutions, Crypterium services reach out to millions of people globally. For that reason, we’ve decided to translate the app into multiple languages. Korean will be the first language added to the app. Then, we plan to add Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

From now on, you can get your Crypterium Card in under 3 business days. We’ve partnered up with DHL so that you recieve your first global crypto card even faster, no matter where you are.

Crypterium is about choices. And that’s precisely why we’re soon launching a Beta Version of our Crypterium Web so you can enjoy the same features in your browser. On a first stage, the web version will only support crypto-to-crypto features.

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