Key Points From Livestream With COO Austin Kimm (April 2020)

Crypterium COO Austin Kimm held a livestream on April 24th to outline some of the latest developments from Crypterium and give us a heads up on some exciting releases.

Crypterium COO Austin Kimm held a livestream on April 24th to outline some of the latest developments from Crypterium and give us a heads up on some exciting releases.

If you weren’t able to join the livestream, you can rewatch it on our official YouTube channel (pss… don’t forget to subscribe!), or do a quick read of these key points.

Stats Don’t Lie…

Since the launch of our services, Crypterium has spread throughout the globe – with highest interest in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. According to Austin, there are 10 to 15 million cryptocurrency users in the entire world as of 2020.

That said, the Crypterium Wallet has already reached 500.000 downloads, which represents a rough 5% of the existing market. With these figures in mind, it’s evident that Crypterium is very well-positioned to further expand in the global arena.

Crypterium Card VISA Edition

While the introduction of the Crypterium Card UnionPay Edition was extremely successful and up to all standards – there have been slight bumps down the road. Due to regulatory issues the card has been restricted in a few countries such as Brazil and Turkey. 

In such a volatile regulatory environment, it’s possible that the status of this might change soon. Yet, we do not want our customers to wait. VISA is the second-largest card issuer worldwide, and the most accepted debit card in Europe.

This Crypterium Card, compatible with Apple Pay and equipped with NFC technology, is designed to make crypto payments even easier for our world customers.

We’ve started beta testing the CC VISA Edition and once we’re 100% sure it’s ready to serve you all — we’ll make it available to all of you through the Crypterium Wallet.

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Powered By Crypterium

In the previous livestream, we discussed the development of a white label solution focused on capitalizing a growing excitement in the B2B cryptocurrency sector. 

Through this solution, other businesses can customize and launch cryptocurrency wallets in record time, without worrying or wasting resources on developing state-of-the-art services.

The Crypterium White Label solution is already live. At this stage, we can confirm 5 partnerships, with another 5 coming soon.

What’s Coming Next

Last year, we added some of the world’s top cryptocurrencies to the Crypterium Wallet. This 2020 we’re adding even more. In the upcoming weeks, you can expect to see USDT, BAT, ZRX, MKR, REP, QASH, OMG, LINK and CIX100 on your dashboard.

Moreover, we’re currently working on improving card payouts — one of the most popular features in our wallet. At the moment, this feature only works with MasterCard. Crypterium is looking to deploy VISA card payouts, allowing a broader range of users to access this feature around the globe with limits well above the current ones.

A new UI interface will be introduced for a fiat wallet solution – available to European users initially. More updates on that development will be distributed via social media.

Last by not least, the Crypterium Wallet will launch crypto savings accounts in direct partnership with BitGo, and we’re preparing investment options for Q3 2020.

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