How To Order The Crypterium Card

Paying with cryptocurrencies is no longer a painful experience.

Paying with cryptocurrencies is no longer a painful experience. You can top up your Crypterium Card with your favorite digital currencies and pay with them in stores or e-commerce sites in over 175 countries, or cash out instantly in more than 2 million ATMs worldwide

Sounds good? That’s what we thought… Of course, the obvious question now is: “How do I get a cryptocurrency card?”. No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Ordering your global crypto card will only take you a couple of minutes. But before getting into it, prepare his documents:

  • Passport, Local ID or Driver’s License
  • Utility Bill, Bank or Credit Card statement
  • A white sheet of paper with your signature on it

Ready? Let’s go!

Launch the Crypterium Wallet on your phone and go to the “Card” section. Click on “Apply for the card” to get started. You can find more information about the Crypterium Card by pressing “About Card” or “Tariffs”

In order to order the Crypterium Card, you’ll need to provide some basic information to verify your identity and residence. There are three sections to complete.

  1. Identity: We verify your identity with your Passport, Local ID or Driver’s License
  2. Residence: We verify your residence with a utility bill, bank or credit card statement
  3. Signature: We need your signature to move forward with the process

In each of these sections, you’ll have to complete with personal data and submit some of the documents mentioned above. Once you’ve filled in these three sections, the “Send” button on the top will turn yellow, indicating you’re ready to proceed. Click on “Send” to confirm.

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Our team will keep you in the loop about your application status. In case we need you to resend some documents, you’ll be able to do so without leaving the app. Simply press “Submit again”.

Once your application is successfully approved, you’ll be able to confirm your Crypterium Card order. To do so, click on “Order the card” and select a Crypterium Subscription.

Then, enter your address (Country, State, City, Street and ZIP/ PO Box) and select the delivery method of your preference. Crypterium has partnered with DHL to provide express delivery. However, this service might not be available in all countries. Click on “Go to Payment” to proceed. Almost there. Review your order details and press “Pay” to finish.

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