Going On A Trip? Don’t Forget To Pack These 8 Must-Have Travel Apps

It’s hard to say whether the so-called quot;Crypto Winter quot; is over or not. But one thing is for sure: summer is just around the corner and so are the well-deserved holidays. Don’t get us wrong. Holidays should be about unplugging yourself from the virtual world (except from Instagram, of course).

It’s hard to say whether the so-called quot;Crypto Winter quot; is over or not. But one thing is for sure: summer is just around the corner and so are the well-deserved holidays.

Don’t get us wrong. Holidays should be about unplugging yourself from the virtual world (except from Instagram, of course). But let’s face it hellip; technology makes our lives easier and a smartphone can actually be your perfect ally to hit the road.

We’ve asked our tech-savvy team members to share their favourite travel apps. From building accurate trip itineraries to managing your crypto finances on the go, this list will make sure you delete those ugly spreadsheets from your laptop and start focusing on what really matters: packing.

Google Maps

While you might be more of an Apple Maps user, it’s likely that Google Maps also locks some space of your phone. The reason is simple: Google Maps is an easy source of inspiration. If you’re looking for a place to eat, sleep or just a sightseeing destination, Google Maps is a one-stop solution at your fingertips.

Apart from making it super easy to locate new spots, this app offers top notch navigation. It doesn’t matter if the city you’re visiting is totally unknown to you, Google Maps facilitates all available routes and public transport schedules to get you wherever you’re headed.

Tip #1: If you’re renting a car, use this powerful app as a GPS. This trick will save you nearly $10/day in GPS rental fees. Just make sure to bring a changer.

Tip #2: Waiting for your flight? Use the spare time to download maps of your destination. Doing so will allow you to navigate the maps without a data or WiFi connection.

iOS | Android


We live in the age of digitalization. The world is at the verge of a fourth industrial revolution. Yet, there is at least one person in each family that struggles to use Whatsapp. Skype makes sure you connect with everyone, leaving technological challenges aside.

True. This app has been around for quite some time. But it is still of great value for travelers. Let’s imagine you need to call a toll-free number back at your home country, but you’re in some spot off the beaten track. Alternatives? Skype is probably your best shot.

That’s not all. Skype calling rates for mobile and landlines are very competitive, which eradicates that century-old excuse not to call your relatives while traveling.

iOS | Android


How do you stay in full control of your finances when traveling? The Crypterium App is a comprehensive solution that lets you store, send, receive, exchange, withdraw and spend multiple digital assets from a single app.

The Crypterium Wallet makes it easier for you to store multiple cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) in one place, safe, available 24/7 worldwide. Transactions are processed at lightning speed, enabling you to send money seamlessly to your friends or family from anywhere in the world at a fraction of traditional costs.

There is more. The Crypterium Wallet allows you to transfer crypto funds to personal and business bank accounts, which means you can pay for your rent, bills and even taxes.

With our app, you can top up your mobile balance instantly from over 500 operators in 150 countries. Also, the app lets you purchase Skype, Viber and Steam vouchers.

Spending offline? The app is linked to your global Crypterium Card, ensuring you keep track of daily expenses, and manage your spending wisely at all times.

iOS | Android


Like it or not, the sharing economy is here to stay. Uber is certainly one of the most popular ride-hailing apps out there. To date, you can order a Uber in more than 60 countries and 400 cities around the world from a single app. Seriously, isn’t that cool?

Using Uber instead of a regular taxi service is a good idea for many reasons: cheaper and transparent fares, driver identity, real time tracking, multiple payment options (credit card or cash), unexpected discounts or upgrades, easy feedback, etc.

Tip #1: If you’re feeling too tired or lazy to explore the local culinary offer, stay in bed and let the food come to you. Download Uber Eats, pick a local restaurant and bon app eacute;tit!

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Tip #2: One of the great things about Uber is that it works almost everywhere. But that comes at a price, or better to say hellip; a higher price. Try local alternatives like Yandex Taxi in Russia or Grab in Singapore.

iOS | Android


Okay. If you’ve been watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix, this app is for you. Is there anything worse than booking and reservation emails? For some strange reason, each time you make a reservation, you get three emails in a row. Sounds familiar?

TripIt consolidates all those annoying emails into a single easy-to-access itinerary. The app goes through your inbox searching for reservations and builds a comprehensive itinerary that includes flights, rental cars, hotels and tours. You can even check the itinerary offline.

iOS | Android


There are two kinds of tourists. Those who wear flip flops with white tube socks and those who prefer to blend in with the locals. For the latter, Airbnb is the key to a truly authentic experience. This service is another pearl of the sharing economy that lets you rent out private houses, flats, rooms and even tree houses from locals.

#Tip 1: Your host is your next best friend. Airbnb hosts are usually amazing sources of information. Use them to your advantage. From transport to clubs, their insights might surprise you. Just don’t forget to leave them a positive feedback.

#Tip 2: Traveling on a budget? Try Coachsurfing.

iOS | Android


Is your flight delayed? This app has got your back. Flio puts 5,000 airports in your pocket, giving you access to all the information you could ever need.

Longues, shops, wi-fi networks, restaurants, bars, and even a real-time flight tracker. This app makes your airport time worth it.

iOS | Android


A little Netflix never killed nobody. The entertainment giant lets you pick movies or TV series and download them to your device so that you, just like most of us, don’t need to struggle with the multimedia library provided by the airline or bus company.

iOS | Android

About Crypterium

Crypterium is one of the most promising fintech companies, according to KPMG and H2Ventures. We are building a mobile app that meets the banking needs of the digital assets era.

Our goal is clear: with Crypterium, whatever you can do with traditional money you will able to do with digital assets. This idea is supported, among others, by the co-founder of TechCrunch Keith Teare and over 400,000 registered users, and the number is growing by day.

The team is led by former General Manager of Visa Central amp; Eastern Europe Steven Parker, and C-level executives from global financial institutions, like Renaissance Insurance, London Derivatives Exchange, American Express etc.

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