Crypterium Card: The Best Crypto Debit Card Is Back

Hungry for product updates? Ok… Here it goes: today, we’re excited to announce the Crypterium Card is back! From now on, every user of the Crypterium Wallet can order both a virtual and plastic card in a few minutes and start spending digital currencies in no time!

It’s been several weeks since we started distributing the new Crypterium Card to the existing cardholders, but the wait was worthwhile. The new card version is finally ready for everyone to enjoy. And yes, there’s plenty of things you’ll love about it.

Globally Available

The Crypterium Card is a global solution. Not because you can use it everywhere (although you can), but because you can order it from over 180 countries. Correcto! Our card can is available in more countries than any other crypto card out there.

Freedom Without Limits

The Crypterium Card is probably the easiest way to spend cryptocurrencies. Top it up with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other balance and be on your way. That said, we’ve made sure the limits are high enough to never put you in an uncomfortable position.

  • Daily load limit: $13,000
  • Month load limit: $60,000

Always In Control

The Crypterium Card is seamlessly linked to the Crypterium Wallet. With only a few taps, you can check your balance, top it up, block or unblock it, change your PIN, and more!

Best Exchange Rates

The Crypterium Card is denominated in U.S. dollars (USD). When you top it up, you’ll be exchanging cryptocurrencies to USD. Each transaction is handled by Crypterium SX — our powerful matching engine that brings you the best rates on the market.

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Competitive FX Rates

One of the main reasons why we’ve decided to reinvent the Crypterium Card was the filthy FX rates provided by our previous banking partners. 

Our new card works under a different agreement that ensures better conditions for your transactions. Not only better FX rates but also a faster execution of your top-up orders.

Virtual & Plastic

The new Crypterium Card is also available in a virtual version, which is almost instantly delivered to you following the order. The idea behind this virtual card is that you can start spending immediately without waiting for the plastic version to arrive. Additionally, you can connect your virtual card to the UnionPay app to pay with QR codes.

Contactless Payments

The new Crypterium Card is NFC-compatible, meaning your crypto payments are now easier than ever before. Simply get your card near the POS terminal to validate a transaction.

Get Your Card Today

To order the Crypterium Card, launch the Crypterium Wallet and go to the ‘Card’ section. You will need to confirm your personal details and enter a valid delivery address.

Once the payment is processed, our team will issue the virtual card and get your plastic card ready to go…

Learn more about the Crypterium Card here.

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