Crypterium 101: Everything You Need To Know About The World’s First Crypto-bank

We get it. Cryptocurrencies and banks aren’t really words that seem to be related. Well, not until now. Crypterium is bridging the crypto and traditional economies by offering services that let you use digital currencies with the same ease as the dollar, the euro or any other fiat currency.

We get it. Cryptocurrencies and banks aren’t really words that seem to be related. Well, not until now. Crypterium is bridging the crypto and traditional economies by offering services that let you use digital currencies with the same ease as the dollar, the euro or any other fiat currency.

Whether you are just getting started in the world of crypto or you are already an expert in the field, these questions have probably passed through your mind at one point or another:

  • How to buy cryptocurrencies?
  • Where to store cryptocurrencies?
  • How to send cryptocurrencies?
  • How to exchange cryptocurrencies?
  • Where to spend cryptocurrencies?
  • How to cash out Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)?
  • How to get a crypto-backed loan?

Not long ago, you had to use different companies to perform each of these actions. That required you to register multiple accounts, share your personal data, pay fees for each of those services, and spend more of your time.

Crypterium: Your All-In-One Solution

There is a good reason why Crypterium has become the go-choice for cryptocurrency holders: you can access all crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat services from one single app.

The Crypterium App unleashes the power of digital assets by letting you store, send, receive, buy, exchange, withdraw and spend your crypto on the go, globally.

Crypterium has been recognized as one of the most promising fintech innovators in the world by KPMG and H2 Ventures. The company is led by former General Manager of Visa Central amp; Eastern Europe Steven Parker, and C-level executives from global financial institutions, like Renaissance Insurance, London Derivatives Exchange, American Express etc.

Buying crypto made easy

For many people, the idea of lsquo;cryptocurrencies’ continues to be scary. That is not surprising since the most basic operations like buying Bitcoin could take several steps, making it all look lsquo;uneasy’. No wonder why people give up and walk away from the possible benefits.

With the Crypterium App, you can buy your favourite cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) within a secure environment, instantly and at the best rate in the market. Use your debit/credit card or transfer funds from a bank account.

Fast and furious money transfers

Digital currencies are the cheapest and fastest way to send money internationally. Blockchain technology enables you to transfer funds to your friends, relatives, and business partners all around the globe instantly at nearly no costs. So why do people still rely on bank transfers and remittance services?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest risks of sending cryptocurrencies isn’t hackers, but potentially misspelling a wallet address. Some blockchain wallet addresses can be as long as 42 alphanumeric characters. That’s 42 chances to send money to the wrong person.

The Crypterium App allows you to send money internationally and all you need is the recipient’s phone number. They don’t even need to have a wallet. We automatically generate one for them and notify them via SMS with clear instructions on how to access funds in minutes.

Best rates? Look no more

With more than 250 cryptocurrency exchanges out there, it is almost impossible to manually find the exchange best rate for each of your transactions. Hopefully, Crypterium SX is here to help.

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Crypterium SX is a powerful AI-based bid-offer matching engine that monitors the top cryptocurrency exchanges to select the most competitive exchange rate for all your operations.

Whether you are buying Bitcoin, exchanging Bitcoin to Ethereum or topping up your Crypterium Card, you can rest assured that your transaction will always get the best deal.

Instant withdrawals. Yes, instant.

Traditionally, there has only been one way to withdraw your crypto assets: bank accounts. And that translates into two things: fees and time. Cryptocurrency exchanges would charge a nasty fee to transfer your funds to a bank account. And if you weren’t feeling lsquo;unsatisfied’ enough, you would have to wait for 2 -5 business days until the funds hit your account.

Apart from withdrawals to personal and business bank accounts, Crypterium offers a lsquo;card payouts’ feature, which lets you cash out Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency instantly to any debit or credit MasterCard in the world. All you need is the card number.

Swipe your way to freedom

Using your digital assets could be as challenging as buying them. Before you had to transfer them to a bank account, wait for several days and then, if you were still in the mood, use them.

At Crypterium, we believe using cryptocurrencies should be as simple as it is with cash or a bank card. To that end, we have created the Crypterium Card  mdash; the simplest way to spend your digital currencies online and offline all over the world.

You can get it anywhere in the world, manage it from the Crypterium App, load it with your cryptocurrency balances and use it in over 174 countries. Oh, and you can order it from $0.00.

Lending reinvented

No matter if you own $1,000,000 worth in Bitcoin, the bank will never approve a credit line based on those holdings. As the lsquo;crypto winter’ is slowly coming to an end, many holders might consider sticking to their cryptocurrencies in the expectation of higher prices. So, how they can access funds without selling their precious digital assets? Hello crypto-backed loans.

Crypterium has recently launched C-LEVER  mdash; instant, global and low-cost loans. The idea is simple: you place your volatile cryptocurrencies as collateral, and get a personal loan issued in stablecoin. Once you pay it back, your digital assets are returned in full.

At the moment, C-LEVER offers an ultra-low interest rate of 0.5% per month. You can use Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral and get your loan in under 10 minutes. And if it happens you want to repay it earlier, no problemo. No extra fees charged.

There is more coming…

Yes, the services above mentioned are awesome. But we are certainly not stopping there. Crypterium is on a non-stop mission to make crypto finance a seamless experience for everyone. We’re developing exciting new services that will soon be available, such as crypto savings account, pre-made investment portfolios, trading signals, and more.

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