Best Christmas Presents From Crypterium

Get best Christmas gifts with your crypto Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping right now. People want to make their loved ones and family members happy and give them perfect gifts from the bottom of their hearts.

Get best Christmas gifts with your crypto

Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping right now. People want to make their loved ones and family members happy and give them perfect gifts from the bottom of their hearts. On our behalf, we want to provide the list of сoolest gifts you can buy in 2018 being a crypto enthusiast.

1. Give crypto as a present

In China, there is an interesting tradition called Red Envelope, a monetary gift that is given during holidays like Chinese new year or some special occasions like weddings or graduations. This Ancient tradition took its ground in a modern digital world as well, the Chinese mobile app WeChat popularized the distribution of WeChat red envelope in 2014 via mobile payments online. Crypterium wants to follow the suit and go even further – users can now send brand new money (cryptocurrencies) and can be reassured that their gift is the most original one.

With Crypterium App, all you need to give crypto as a present is the recipient’s phone number. Send crypto to anyone in the world in seconds. They will get money even if they don’t have any crypto wallets. Once the transaction is processed, they’ll get an SMS with a link to get their crypto with some very clear instructions on what they can do with it. For example, they can use their newly acquired Bitcoin to top up their mobile phones. And now is probably the best time: the prices are lowest they’ve been for the whole year.

2. Airplane tickets

Online travel-booking sites such as Expedia and accept bitcoins. Grab your soulmate and fly to the Bahamas for Christmas and New Years Eve or fly to Germany with your family and see the most fascinating Christmas markets in the world.

3. Vegas experience

In 2014, the D Las Vegas and its sister property, the Golden Gate Hotel amp; Casino, made history by accepting bitcoins at front desks, restaurants and gift shops. We just want to warn you to be careful with this option, make sure to come back with at least some crypto left in your wallet 😉

4. NBA Tickets

The Dallas Mavericks will allow payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and quot;maybe some other currencies quot; this season. Baskteball games are a perfect place to spend an amazing time with your family.

5. Old fashioned money

With Crypterium, you can send traditional fiat money to any bank account that has an IBAN. This means that users can send money to friends and family in other countries.

Bank transfers now work only in a handful of countries (all 28 European Union member states + Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Norway, and Switzerland). More countries will be added in near future and, hopefully, all of us will be able to use this method for 2019 Christmas shopping. Crypterium app’s mission is to ensure that customer experience is joyful, we want to give our users an opportunity to be the Santa this year.

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6. Most common gifts

Using the same feature you can buy more presents to sweeten up the Christmas shopping wherever bank transfers are acceptable. Here’s our list of presents that are most popular in our company:

  • Books. There are 3 kinds of gifts – good ones, bad ones, and books (best ones).

  • Champagne and Sweets. Gift baskets might seem like a simple gift, yet they are always nice to receive, especially in a holiday season.

  • Smartphones and other devices. iPhones, Ipads, Smart-TVs, Laptops, VR glasses and even Robots are available. The cost is big but the smile on your kid #39;s face is even bigger.

  • Jewelry. Probably the most memorable gift you can give to your spouse or girlfriend. You can make this Christmas the one to remember.

  • Pets. Here is a pic of dogs. No extra comments are needed

7. Good Karma

Gifts are not necessarily given to your loved ones. You can make someone’s Christmas really special if you will donate to people in need. Charities such as Heifer International and Autism Speaks accept donations via Bitcoin.

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